Third Grade

The third grade curriculum is fun and challenging. We reach all learners through differentiated learning and an understanding of the multiple intelligences.

The children become positive citizens in the classroom community and learn the essential skills for success.

Third grade students will be able to do the following:

Language Arts

·        Read on level texts with purpose and understanding

·        Compare and contrast different stories

·        Decode grade level phonics

·        Write opinion pieces, informative/explanatory texts, and narratives

·        Conduct research projects

·        Engage in collaborative discussions

·        Understand conventions of grammar: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, compound and complex sentences, etc.

·        Determine meanings of unknown words


·        Solve problems with multiplication and division within 100

·        Understand place value

·        Represent and interpret data

·        Geometric shapes


AOD students will learn from the Science Consortium’s science kits, which include:

·        Human body

·        Earth materials

·        Water

Social Studies

·        Citizenopoly

·        Using maps and globes

·        Places/regions

·        Economic exchange

·        Resources and production

Students in third grade also take the State Assessment each school year for ELA and Math.