Second Grade

Behind the doors of our second grade classrooms, the students are expected to start becoming well rounded in all areas of life. Students will begin to learn how to change their lessons into everyday usage.

It's a fun but educational day in the classroom. Here is a snapshot of what your second graders will be learning:

Language Arts

Second graders will be learning how to answer questions (who, what, when, where, why, how), describe major events and challenges in a story, read on level texts, read and spell grade level sight words, and understanding new robust vocabulary. Students will begin writing narratives, opinion pieces, informative/explanatory texts, and participate in research projects.


Students will be learning place value, working with time and money, interpreting data, as well as adding and subtracting within 20.


At AOD we use the science kits provided by the Science Consortium. Second graders will have 3 kits, which provide hands on learning for the students. These kits consist of Soils, Insects, and Bridges (engineering).

Social Studies

This year your child will be learning the following in Social Studies:

·        Respect in civil society

·        Landforms and climates

·        Writing the story of the past

·        Scarcity and wants

·        Trading partners