School Nurse


Welcome Parents, Visitors, and Friends…

My name is Ms. Virginia Neely MSN, RN the school nurse for the AOD Family.

I am pleased that I will be able to communicate any and all medical/ seasonal information which may affect our children through our school webpage.  Also, if any of you have any questions or concerns you may contact me, as well, either by email, telephone, or just stop by for a visit. ( , #302-674-0684 x 117)

Yearly nursing forms will be uploaded to allow all that have computer access the opportunity to print and fill out forms. The State of DE. Required immunizations will be listed to give guidance to incoming students who may need to update their immunization status.  The sooner I have your student’s information the easier it will be to have your student ready to start the year off right. 

Every month I will report all activities (vision screenings, dental screenings, etc.) that will be scheduled through the nursing office and any updates that maybe community related.  Seasonal based information will be discussed i.e. allergies, colds/flu, sinuses, etc., as well.

Below are several Flu resources that can be found at the following websites:

Keep Flu out of School initiative has information and resources and is available at

The Flu: A Guide for Parents (2017) is available at


Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report and Flu related information is available at

Delaware Division of Public Health Influenza (Flu) Information is available at that has a link to the CDC website with Flu Information for Parents with Young Children.


Again, I am excited to have this opportunity to communicate important nursing information for you and your student. 



Nurse Neely