The first weeks of school are very important to your child.

The students are getting used to being in a room full of new faces: peers and teachers. Within the first few days of school, the teachers and students establish trusting relationships that help prepare your child for an excellent education and a successful future.

Kindergarten is a full-day program here at the Academy of Dover. The regular school day offers plenty of opportunities for learning.  

The curriculum consists of ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each of these subjects meets the needs of students through differentiated instruction and hands on learning. Here is a highlight of what your child will be learning this year:

Language Arts

This year in kindergarten your child will learn how to read on grade level. They will begin the year with a review of letters and sounds. Students will also begin writing stories and illustrating pictures to go with their stories. Reading comprehension starts in kindergarten and continues through each grade. Students should be able to answer questions about details in a text.


Math provides a lot of hands on learning at the kindergarten level. Students will learn how to count and identify numbers to 20. They will practice sorting and graphing, as well as learning the basics of addition and subtraction (more/less).

Social Studies

 In  kindergarten your child will learn about community helpers, manners, holidays around the world, safety, and American Heroes, just to name a few.


Your child will learn about Trees, Wood and Paper, and Push, Pull, Go. Each of these science kits provides hands on learning and problem solving that allows the students to be a true scientist and explore.


Specials, such as gym, music, art and Technology are started in kindergarten.