Fourth Grade

 The  fourth grade curriculum provides students with many fun and challenging experiences. Fourth graders are given numerous opportunities to become independent learners through differentiated instruction and hands-on-learning.

This year your child will be learning about the following:

Language Arts

 Fourth graders wil l be learning how to refer to details in a text when explaining what the text says and when drawing inferences. Students will also understand figurative language, word relationships, word meaning, and grade appropriate grammar. Writing in 4th grade consists of narratives, opinion pieces, informative/explanatory texts, and participating in research projects.


In our Go Math curriculum, students in 4th grade will learn the following;

·        Gain familiarity with factors and multiples

·        Solve problems using whole numbers

·        Understand place value

·        Decimals

·        Fractions

·        Measurement

·        Represent and interpret data

·        Draw/identify lines and angles


At AOD we use the science kits provided by the Science Consortium. Fourth graders will have 3 kits, which provide hands on learning for the students. These kits consist of;

·        Structures of Life

·        Magnetism and Electricity

·        Land and Water. 

Social Studies

Students in 4th grade will learn how to think chronologically, in such a way as to be able to identify people, laws, and events in American history. Students will also learn the Branches of Government, Economic Systems, Community profiles, Liberty and Citizenship, as well as Democratic Methods.

Students in 4th grade will participate in the State Assessment each year for ELA and Math, and once a year for Social Studies.