First Grade

As your child enters first grade, he or she will be surrounded by an enriched learning environment filled with fun and excitement. The first grade allows your child to become a more independent learner by offering a curriculum based on individualized instruction and hands-on experience.

Language Arts

The Academy of Dover uses Hardcourt's Storytown Reading/Language Arts Program.

Students will find that Storytown is a great place to read. Storytown is filled with a variety of fiction and nonfiction literature, including narratives, poems, plays, fantasy, contemporary news articles, biographies and research material.

The program authors have included a robust vocabulary.


The Academy of Dover uses Strategies for Writers to help teachers and students reach the Common Core State Standards for writing. Students will learn how to write narratives, opinion pieces, and informative/explanatory texts.



At AOD we have adopted GO Math as our math curriculum. Go Math is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The curriculum introduces new topics by building on earlier learning, using now familiar underlying skills rather than reviewing them. Simple words are used in early grades, making math accessible for both immigrant students and those whose verbal skills are just beginning to develop. Multi-step word problems, requiring logic rather than simple mechanics to solve, are introduced early and demonstrate math as relevant.



AOD's science curriculum uses State Science Kits through the Science Consortium. First graders explore weather, solids and liquids, and organisms. The Science Kits provide hands on learning and problem solving that allow the students to be a true scientists and explore.

Social Studies

AOD uses the State of Delaware’s Social Studies Pilot program. In first grade your child will learn about working in a group, schedules, maps/globes, and U.S. symbols.