Ms. Darling's Kindergarten Classroom

Notes For Parents

As the year goes one I will be adding information here. There will be things such as field trip reminders, important information about what we are learning, and just information about the fun activities that will be coming up.

About the Teacher

My name is Mary Darling and I am so excited to be working with your students this year! I have always wanted to teach and I am so happy to be doing just that. I grew up in Dover and I attended school in the Capital School DIstrict. I then attended Wilmington University and graduated with my degree in Elementary Education, with an added certification of Special Education. I spent two years in another school district and then decided it was time to move back closer to home. I started working at Academy of Dover this year and I could not be happier!

Specials Schedule

Are specials are as follows:

Monday- Gym

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Technology

Thursday- Gym

Friday- Art


Homework will be given on Mondays, and will be due on Friday's.  There will be one reading/writing and one math piece everynight.  There will be a weekly news letter that will come home with important information the upcoming weeks, this is where you will find the homework list for the week as well.   

Contact the Teacher

You can contact me by:

Sending me a note in the Agenda

Calling the school and leaving a message: (302) 674-0684

Or you can email me:

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes and Projects

We will be having our first math test on Monday, September, 18, 2017.

We will be having our social studies test on Thursday, September 28th, the topic is teamwork. 


I will update this as the year goes on.  If you have questions please contact me.

Class News

We are going to be so busy learning new things this year! I am so excited! Here is a copy of our schedule so that you are able to keep up with us on the day to day.

Classroom Rules and Expectations

In my classroom we are always busy! I do not have too many rules, but we do have some for the safety and respect of everyone in the room.

1. We will always respect our classmates and teachers

2. We will always use our walking feet in the classroom and hallways

3. We will always listen to the person talking and wait our turn

4. We will raise our hand for help, to ask an question, or to answer a question

5. We will always be safe, be respectful, and responsible