Mrs. Pope's 4th Grade Class

Notes For Parents


Parents please make sure that your child study their spelling words, vocabulary words, and math facts (multuplication, division, fractions, and decimals).

The work is going to get harder, but if they study these things every day, they will be successful and move on to fifth grade.  If I see a need or concern about your child, I will contact you, so that we can work together.

If you need to reach me other than my webpage, you can call me at the school at 302-674-8824, or on my cell at (302) 241-5435.



Mrs. Pope.

Goals for the Year

My goals for this class is to help each student achieve sucess in class that will help prepare them for fifth grade. I would like  the students to have the necessary tools to achieve this,so we will be working hard, but I believe that your child is up for the challenge.


Mrs. Pope

About the Teacher

I have been teaching for seven years, four years in kindergarten and 2 years in fourth grade, this is my first time teaching first grade.  I am a published author of two children's books.  They are:  Rullie and Joey's First Day of Kindergarten, and Rullie and Joey learn their ABC's.  I have a B.S in psychology, and a Masters in Early Elementary Education, I am also starting on my second year of working on my Phd.  I have been married for 31 years, and have two children, Monique and JohnII.  I am a transplant for Brooklyn, NY and Northern NJ., I have lived in Dover, DE for 97 years.

Specials Schedule

The Specials Schedule is as follows:


Monday Gym 

Tuesday Art 

Wednesday Technology 

Thursday Gym 

Friday Art 


Monday's Write spelling words three times each

Tuesday Math Lesson Chapter two 2.1 (one and two digit multiplication)

Wednesday Write a sentence for each spelling words

Thursday's Math Lesson 2.2

Friday No Homework

Contact the Teacher

You can contact Mrs. Pope at (302) 674-0684- School Phone number, or on my cell (302) 678-8824


Mrs. Pope

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes and Projects

Week of October 1st

Monday Spelling Test, ELA Test and Math Test.  

October 2, Picture Day


Homework every week is:

Monday Spelling

Tuesday Math

Wednesday Spelling

Thursday Math

No Homework on Fridays.

Students should read for 20 minutes, study spelling and vocabulry words.

Class News

Dear Parents

The students are excited about science(,Life Structure) we have some guests in our classroom, they are cray fish and bess beetles.  We also worked on Hyporponics (growning plants under water with no soils.  


Ms. Pope

Classroom Rules and Expectations

Students must follow all of classroom rules that are posted in the classroom. 

They must be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible.

No Bullying

Must complete Homework, Classwork, Quizes, and Test

They must raise their hand if they have a question.

They do not need to ask to go to the bathroom or blow their nose.