Physical Education

Notes For Parents

Academy of Dover Charter

Phyical Education Rules and Regulations

*  Students must be appropiatley dressed:

     * Students must have sneakers(street shoes,soft or rubber soled boots).

     *  School uniforms(girls, please try not to a skirt on PE days.

*  All medical excuses must be given to the school nurse before coming Physical Education class.

*  Any student behaving disruptively or refusing to participate in daily activities will receive a zero for the day.

*  Students should not any handle any equipment without instruction from the teacher.

*  Students are not t exit the gym for any reason without permisssion and/or a pass from the teacher.

*  No gum, food, or drinks are permitted in the gym at any time.

*  Students will receive one verbal warning for not following class rules or instructions. If the behavior continues they will be removed from the daily activity or sent to the office.

Goals for the Year

The goal of Physical Education is to develope individuals who have knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity and the ability to make healthychoices.

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Classroom Rules and Expectations

Be safe

Be respectful

Be responsible 

(see notes to the parents/guardians)