Notes For Parents

Welcome to technology class!  This class will be attended once per week by all grades.  I am very excited to be teaching computer skills, problem solving, keyboarding, coding, project creation, and even the internal workings of computers this year!  Technology is a wonderful tool for both fun and learning.   

:D  Wonderful news!  We have been funded in a Donor's Choose grant to recieve cameras and coding robots for the classroom!  This will greatly enhance our coding program in December and our photography section in the spring!  

Goals for the Year

Students will be able to generate ideas, research, and use technology tools in successful as well as safe ways.  We will be learning safety with all technology tools, how to use computers, how to code, as well as what is inside a computer and how it works.  Students will not be only users of content, but generators of information and ideas!

About the Teacher

This is my first year with Academy of Dover.  I have been in the Early Childhood field for 13 years. My degree is in Technology in Education which is put to good use as the Technology teacher.  It is exciting to see students open new doors with technology and comforting to know that they will be prepared to work in an increasingly technology based world!  I have created a website that students will use in class and can access at home as well.  Feel free to visit this website yourself to see links to websites and outcomes of projects that occur throughout the year.


Type, Type, Type!  Practice is key!  Anyone can learn to type accurately and quickly, it just takes practice!  


This week several students met their grade level goal in typing!   (Great Work!)  This means we have fourth graders beginning to reach 30 words a minute and fifth graders beginning to reach 35 words a minute!  For students who are not there yet, I have been reminding them that practice is key and that this is a high goal!  Their personal goal is to increase their speed by 15 words a minute from where their speed was a the beginning of the year.

Contact the Teacher

I can be contacted via the school phone number: (302) 674-0684 or email:

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes and Projects

The past two weeks we have been working on baseline typing skills, main "outside" computer components, and basic computer skills.  Beginning the week of August 29th, we will dive into internet introductions and safety (K-2) and text messaging safety (3-5).  

August 29 - Sept 2:  This week we are learning about safety online.  With Kindergarten, we will be learning about the ABC's of safety for the next few weeks.  First and second will be learning about using the internet, how it works and how to be safe (with the first idea being asking a parent before going online!).  Third, fourth, and fifth grades will be learning about text messaging and how this format sometimes leads to misunderstandings. 

September 5 - 9:    We are continuing the conversation about internet safety with Part 2 of the ABC's of safety with Kindergarten.  First and second will continue learning about using the internet and how it works.  Grade three will move into creating a positive online identity.  Grade four is learning about keeping their personal information private.  Grade five will begin an online personal safety unit that will last a few weeks, with this week being what online personal information is and the best way to make a screen name that does not "give away" your identity.  

September 12 - 16:  Kindergarten is continuing the ABC's of safety and continuing to work on mouse skills.  Grades 1 & 2 will continue to learn more about the internet with search engines and tips for use.  Grade 3 will learn more about internet safety.  Grade 4 will be learning skills for avoiding inappropriate websites while grade 5 will be learning about how to create a strong password to go with their safe user name!  In the next few weeks we will be finishing up with safety for a bit and move into letter writing, typing, and document creation!  

September 19 - 23:  This week we worked on typing skills for all ages.  Kindergarten finished up the ABC's of safety, and will be moving into using the internet.  Grades 1 & 2 finished up the introduction to the internet and will be moving on.  Older grades all worked on their typing skills.  This week most age groups were working on the important tasks of accuracy and keeping both hands at the home row while typing.  

September 26 - 30:  How amazing that we are at the end of September already!  We are in week 8 of AOD!  Kindergartners are moving into learning what the internet is.  Grade 1 will be learning about safety with their personal information, while grade two will be learning about online personal safety.  All three are pieces of our internet safety curriculum.  Grades 3, 4, and 5 will begin working on a letter home, which you can plan to see in a few weeks!

October 3 - 7 : This week kindergarten will continue to explore the internet by learning about browsers and how to use them.  First grade will explore what it means to have an online identity.  Second will explore "netiquitte" or the etiquitte of the internet.  Third, fourth, and fifth grades will continue to work on their letter home.  Last week they created an outline of the letters, and this week they will use their outline to type and format the letter.  

October 10 - 14: This week 5th grade is working on learning to "toggle" (CTL - ALT - TAB) between web pages, 3rd and 4th are working on finalizing their letter home (look for it soon!), 2nd is in the beginning stages of creating a flyer, 1st is learning about online identity, and Kindergarten is learning how to use a "search bar" to search for what they would like to learn (the beginnings of reseach!).  Welcome to another great week at AOD!

October 17 - 21: All letters are being finalized and printed this week.  Aside from letter writing, Kindergarten is working on safe surfing after searching using the search bar last week.  First is returning to working on their letter awareness on the keyboard through typing games (such as keyboard climber).  Second and Third are working on creating flyers in Microsoft word, and fifth is working on creating a pamphlet!  (This pamphlet, in order to provide an environment that coordinates with what is happening in their general classroom, has been changed to creating an invitation!)

October 24 - 28:  Welcome to the end of October!  This week, kindergarteners are working on general mouse and key locating.  First grade is working on keyboard letter recognition, Second grade is learning about online "netiquette" and beginning actual typing.  Third and fourth are working on creating a flyer.  Fifth has finished their wonderful letters and are continuing to learn how to "use technology to communicate effectively" by creating an invitation to an event.  As always, should you have any questions, feel free to call or email!

October 31 - November 4: WOW!  It's hard to believe that it's NOVEMBER already!  Where has the year gone?  This week, Kindergarten will be working on increasing their abilities in basic computer skills, such as logging in, opening windows, closing windows, choosing a link, and so on.  First grade continues to work on keyboard letter recognition and they are doing amazingly with it!  Second grade learned about online socializing/bullying this week and began true typing lessons (which is a skill they will need tremendously by third grade!).  Third and Fourth learned how to toggle between windows using ctl-alt-tab (which is quite helpful if you can't find or otherwise can't see your menu!) as well as had the opportunity (while toggling) to see what O-L-D games looked like with Oregon Trail.  Whew, what an experience when you find that you can't just push a button!  Fifth continues to work on their invitation in collaboration with their classroom.  As always, the invitations, flyers, and letters they create have been BEA-U-TI-FUL.  Have a wonderful week, and as always, call or email with ANY questions or concerns!

November 7 - 11: Students that learned about Oregon Trail were excited about it and have asked for information on how to play the game at home.  That game and many other older games are available for free.  There is a link on their grade page to the game.  This week we have two days that we are closed (in observance of Election Day and Veterans Day).  Some classes are learning about Cyber Bullying and will learn about it this week (First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth).  However, some of those classes will learn this in the following week due to the closings (K and one class in First Grade).    Kindergarten is continuing to work on using the computer all by themselves (opening the internet to this start page, choosing a link, closing down the windows without turning off the computer).  While they are using the computers, they are working on the all important mouse skills and letter recognition.  

November 14 - 18: Kindergarten, Fifth, and  Third Grade classes are learning about cyber bullying this week.  Fourth and Fifth are beginning to learn about CODING with activities and discussions about code.  This will begin our month long journey into CODE!

November 21 - 25 : Welcome to the end of November in technology!  Students have moved into Coding in all grades at this point.  We began coding with a hands on activity surrounding algorithms (such as the pattern that you repeat every day when you get ready for school in the morning because it always happens the same way, your procedure) and how those algorithms, when programmed into a language the computer can understand (CODE) become software programs.  We also completed activities where students in grades 4-5 created mazes with a code of arrows and turns for the solution as well as cup stacking (in grades 1-3) with arrows and turns for the "code" so that others could copy your cup stacking.  

November 28 - December 2: We are all working on successfully coding robot mice to run through a maze!  What fun!  From here we will move to using coding programs on the computer.  Students will be learning about the "if than" rule.  The code is listed in such a way that if this happens, then this happens, every time.  

December 5 - 9:  All grades are delving further into coding with websites such as Kodable, Scratch, and!  Younger grades are learning that coding involves specific directions (up, down, forward, back) and older grades are learning how to create coding loops (a loop that does the same movement multiple times to avoid having to code over and over).

December 12 - 16: All grades continue coding this week with choices between all activities and websites we have used in the last few weeks.

December 19 - 23: All grades return to typing (2-5) or skill games (K-1) this week.  Have a wonderful vacation!

January 2 - 6: This week each grade returns to working on very different projects.  K is learning about their identity and what makes an identity.  First is learning about safety in all forms of electronic messaging.  Second is learning about bullying and cyber bullying before making a pledge to ensure they are not a bully.  Third is delving into ownership and copy write protections in all forms of creative works, and discussing who "owns" songs, movies, writings, and pictures.  Fourth is learning about protecting personal information and how once it is "out there" it can't be taken back.  Finally, fifth is learning about the power of media and how media can be used to create social change.

January 9 - 13:  This week students in K and 1 are working on general computer skills in various games, such as mouse accuracy and key location as well as procedures for operating the computer which take practice!  Second and third are learning about Cyber Citizenship.  Fourth is learning about spams and scams that may happen on the internet and how to deal with them.  Fifth grade is researching and applying critical thinking to websites in order to determine the validity of the website.

January 16 - 20: This week students in K and 1 are working on specific keys on the keyboard, which this week include the shift key to make a capital letter.  Second and third are working on understanding the purpose behind websites.  Fourth worked on typing skills.  Fifth are learning how malicious code spreads from computer to computer and person to person.

January 23 - 27:  This week K and 1 are continuing their investigation of the keyboard by learning and using the spacebar and enter key in typing words into a document.  Many chose to have a sentence of their own making written for them so that they would have a sentence to type.  A few noticed that there is even a period on the keyboard!  Second is learning more about cyber bullies and what to do if you are confronted by one (Stop responding, block the bully, save the words to show someone, talk to an adult, and report the bully).  Third began a series to help them understand copyrights, and were surprised to find that their favorite singers don't get paid if they download free songs from the internet!  Fourth is learning about spams, scams, and phishing.  They completed a poster to warn others about one of the topics, which they plan to share with you at home!  Fifth is finishing up web validitiy, or how to check and make sure a website is trustable.  They learned that you can't believe everything you see and read!

January 30 - February 3: K and 1 are practicing their use of the spacebar and enter key to type into Microsoft Word.  Second is learning about Cyber citizenship - or the rules and guidelines that keep us all safe and happy on the internet.  Third is continuing to learn about copyright protections.  Fourth is learning about Netiquitte, or the ways of talking and acting online.  Fifth will learn more about online cyber bullying and how to protect themselves and others from this.

February 6 - 10: This week K-2 are learning about the differences between backspace and delete, as well as practicing typing in MS Word.  They are completing sentences as they type.  Third is continuing the topic of Copyrights.  Fourth is learning more about Cyber Bullying.  Fifth is working on their typing skills.  

This week several students met their grade level goal in typing!   (Great Work!)  This means we have fourth graders beginning to reach 30 words a minute and fifth graders beginning to reach 35 words a minute!  For students who are not there yet, I have been reminding them that practice is key and that this is a high goal!  Their personal goal is to increase their speed by 15 words a minute from where their speed was a the beginning of the year.

February 13 17: This week K-2 are continuing their use of Microsoft Word and delving into their much awaited projects of changing the color, size, and type of text.  3 - 5 are working on typing skills and completing any units that were missed in previous weeks due to snow delays.  The number of students who are reaching their goals for the year in typing continues to increase!  Practice Practice Practice is key!  Can you believe we are down to 18 weeks left in the school year to meet those goals?

February 20 - 24:  The week grades 3 - 5 will be beginning a 4 week critical thinking unit and continuing their typing.  K-2 will be looking at how comic books are created and using a game to create one of their own, virtually.  

Februart 27 - March 3: This week we are working on critical thinking for grades 3-5 and continuing to create comics with K-2.  Critical thinking is important for all subjects, since being able to take apart a problem, know what answer you are looking for, and where to look for that answer is a necessary skill for solving problems throughout life.  Creating the comics with grades K-2 gives yet another form of communication.  Students were suprised to find that comics are sometimes used to share important information!

March 6 - 10: This week K-2 will focus on using various skill games to improve their ability to use the computer independently.  3-5 will be looking at and using tools online such as calculators and highlighting tools, to go along with their critical thinking component.  They will then return to typing for our final 3 week module.  Can you believe that there are only 14 weeks remaining of school and this last three weeks will be their final opportunity to reach their typing goals!?!?

March 13 - 31: Students in K-1 will be utilizing skill games to increase their independence on the computer.  Students in grades 2-5 will be continuing to improve their typing skills.

April 3 - 7: I was out this week with a virus (Oh no!).  Some classes began to work on a project to leave a message for the class that is in their room next year (and I have heard some great advice for students there!).  They will use this sage advice that they are leaving to create a powerpoint the teacher can play for next year's students!  Kindergarten continues to work on computer skills and accuracy!

April 10 - 13: Most classes will begin or continue their sage advice power point projects.  These are going to be wonderful!  Younger children will begin by writing out their one piece of advice then using it to create one "story".  They will then all be put together!  Don't forget we will be closed on Friday!

April 17 - 21:  I hope you have a wonderful spring vacation!  Don't forget to practice your typing! Many 3-5 grade students are SO close to their personal goals and many have already achieved them!  A few minutes a day of practice goes a long way with typing.  

April 24 - 28: This week students continued to work on their advice projects and added their own pictures to the statements (with each picture matching the advice they are giving to next year's students).  They are almost finished!  K-1 continued to work on use of the shift key to make capital letters, typing full sentences with a capital letter at the beginning and punctuation at the end, and using computers successfully.  

May 1 - 5:  Can you believe it is MAY already?!?!  I know I can't.  We are down to a few weeks left of school before summer break!  It's amazing how quickly a year goes.  2-5 will finish up their projects this week then return to typing for the LAST time this year!  This week and next week will be our FINAL typing lessons along with final typing tests.  Please remember that the typing website is free and available all summer!  I can't stress the importance of typing practice for older students.  Many students have reached their goals, and a few are SO close.  Younger students will contnue their use of upper case letters (shift), punctuation, and successful computer use.  

May 8 - 12:  Final typing practice and tests for upper grades.  Sentence, typing, and general keyboarding skills in lower grades.

May 15 - 19:  Students in upper grades are planning the costs involved in a trip to Disney, then plotting it in Microsoft Excel to learn how this tool works.  Students in lower grades will continue to work on general computer skills.

May 22 - 26:  Students in upper grades will complete the plotting of the data this week, while students in lower grades will continue to work on general computer skills.

May 29 - June 2:  Students in all grades will have the opportunity to explore what the inside of a computer looks like!

June 5 - 9:  Students will continue to take apart the internal workings of a computer and research what various components are and do.

June 12 - 16:  Can you believe it is the end of the school year?!  This FINAL week of school, students of all grades are given the option to repeat any of most activities that we completed this year.  Have a wonderful summer!  I look forward to seeing you next year!


You can reach a web page created for each grade level as well as a parent page that keeps you up to date in the progress of the curriculum for each grade at :

Classroom Rules and Expectations

We are looking forward to a great year with Technology at Academy of Dover!  In order to ensure that we have a safe and effective learning environment we have the following guidelines in place.


Within the classroom we follow this procedure:

Within the classroom, violation of  rules causes the following consequences (in order of occurrence):

Verbal reminder of the rule.

Verbal warning of second violation.

Modification (change seat, change activity).

Written notice home and other work to complete.

Phone call home.

Referral to office staff.


PROCEDURE :  Should a student be off task, choosing to not follow rules, or otherwise impeding the learning of another student they will receive a "stop sign".  Should they receive three stop signs, they will be removed from the activity and will receive a phone call home.  Should a student be intentionally attempting to harm another student, they will be immediately referred to the office.


In every class period, students who are on task and following the rules as well as showing effort towards their work will receive a "smiley face".  This can be traded in at the end of the class period for a reward.

Within the classroom, following these rules has rewards.  These include (not in any specific order):


Notes home

Phone call home

Free time for a student chosen game.

Royal Jewel Tickets