Notes For Parents

Welcome to technology class!  This class will be attended once per week by all grades.  I am very excited to be teaching computer skills, problem solving, keyboarding, coding, project creation, and even the internal workings of computers this year!  Technology is a wonderful tool for both fun and learning. 

Goals for the Year

Students will be able to generate ideas, research, and use technology tools in successful as well as safe ways.  We will be learning safety with all technology tools, how to use computers, how to code, as well as what is inside a computer and how it works.  Students will not be only users of content, but generators of information and ideas!

About the Teacher

About the Teacher:

This is my third year at Academy of Dover Charter School as the Technology Teacher!  My degree is technology in education.  It is exciting to see students learn new ways to open doors with technology and comforting to know that they will be prepared to work in an increasingly technology based world!

Some of my favorite things:

Color: Orange

Time of year:  Fall with the cool weather and beautiful colors!

Book: ANY, I love to read!

Family:  My family includes my husband, two teenagers, 3 dogs (Harley, Rusty, and Lazy), a leopard gecko (Fred), and two cats (Max and Tom)!

Drink:  MiO fruit punch water



Type, Type, Type!  Practice is key!  Anyone can learn to type accurately and quickly, it just takes practice!  

Contact the Teacher

I can be contacted via the school phone number: (302) 674-0684 or email:

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes and Projects

Students for the month of September and into October have been working on key awareness (K-1) and typing introductions as well as computer function (2) with actual typing with goals in place for 3-5.  In addition, we have started learning about safety in computer use with all grades.  Third – Fifth grade has begun a research project that they will be presenting in various ways in several weeks.   At home, students can use the typing games in (2-5) and/or lessons while the younger students can use Keyboard climber (Keyboard Climber 1 for K and Keyboard Climber 2 for grade 1).  (The links to all games that they can use, and more, can be found at As always, I am here for any questions! October continues the typing and internet safety trend, with some additions of ownership of online material for 5th grade, an introduction to cyber bullying for 3rd grade, and 3/4 will begin writing a letter home with Microsoft word.  We are busy building the foundations that will lead to touch typing, researching, and coding!

Odyssey of the Mind applications have been flying in, and we will be beginning soon!  Look for information about the project the team chooses and their preparation for competition next year!  If you meant to apply, you still have time until the end of September!  

Keep practicing that typing!


You can reach a web page created for each grade level as well as a parent page that keeps you up to date in the progress of the curriculum for each grade at :

Classroom Rules and Expectations

Classroom behavior expectations:

We are looking forward to a great year with Technology at Academy of Dover!  In order to ensure that we have a safe and effective learning environment we have the following guidelines in place. Should a student be off task, choosing to not follow rules, or otherwise impeding the learning of another student they will receive a "stop sign".  Should they receive three stop signs, they will be removed from the activity and will receive a phone call home.  Should a student be intentionally attempting to harm another student, they will be immediately referred to the office.

We also have a whole class reward that students can use to earn a party during class time.  To earn this reward they simply remain productive and following the class rules.  Each class they do this they earn a letter.  Once the letter spells the chosen word, they have earned a party.


All students are expected to adhere to the school   expectations of:

 “Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible”