Ms. Davis 2nd grade class

Notes For Parents


Hello 2nd grade parents/guardians:

Reminders for: 


Language Arts-


Social Studies-

Goals for the Year

Second grade is an exciting and challenging time.  It is my goal to not only present the book knowdege students need but help them develop a respect and love for learning. I am excited to be a partner in your child's educational experience. Remember parents and family are a child's first and most influential teachers.

 Students will be expected to get a firm understanding of grade level knowledge  in alignment with the common core standards and demonstrate so by obtaining a satisfactory score on the Smarter Balance testing. They should also gain self respect and confidence in learning and working with others to accomplish group goals. It is my goal to help students begin to take some responsibility for their educational experience.

About the Teacher

This is my tenth year teaching at AOD. I earned an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Delaware Technical C.C. and a Bachelor of Science in Early childhood Education at Wilmington University. I have also earned a Masters degree in Instruction at Wilmington University. I am certified as highly qualified by the Department of Education.

As a partner in your child's education, my desire is to encourage students to develop a desire to learn beyond the books and to understand the importance of what they learn to their lives and future.

Specials Schedule

***There has been a change to our Specials Schedule  ****                 

Monday - Art                                                                                                  

Tuesday - Technology                                                                                   

Wednesday - P. E.

Thursday - Art

Friday - Techology



Language Arts homework:

Day 1 - Spelling words 5x each

Day 2 - Spelling words used in a sentence

Day 3 - Grammar practice

Day 4 - Vocabulary practice

Homework is subject to change if students needs more or less practice of a skill in a lesson.





Homework will be written in the students’ agenda each night.

Contact the Teacher

I can be contacted via the school phone number: (302) 674-0684 or email:

You can also send a note in your child's agenda book

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes and Projects

The next Language Arts and Spelling test will be:

Spelling words






 High Frequency words











There will be a Math test :












Hello 2nd grade parents,

  Thank you for all of your support towards your child's education. Below are some web pages you may find helpful:

Classroom Rules and Expectations

Follow directions quickly

Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself

Pay attention when the teacher is talking

Work quietly and always do your best

All students are expected to :

Be safe, respectful, and respsonsible